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Выдержки из английских блогов о Ливанове.

I first got to know Holmes through old USSR series (The adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson) where he was played by Livanov.
This image of the character is now burned in my memory. Things I liked about story was the old-times atmosphere, analitics and some, but not exaggerated action scenes.....

....Vasili Livanov was probably the purest Holmes until Jeremy Brett, and Holmes fans should not miss his performances. Like the Grenada series with Jeremy Brett, the series with Livanov was made as TV episodes without the vast budgets of the typical Hollywood fare, yet captured the feel of Victorian London.........

.....///Vasili Livanov was probably the purest Holmes until Jeremy Brett…///I disagree…No doubt, Vasily Livanov IS THE Sherlock Holmes. On my view, he is most true character like descripted by Conan Doyle - in manners, face, true gentleman features etc........

....the perfect Holmes for me was , is and always will be russian actor Vasily Livanov. as well as his Watson - Vitaly Solomin. russian Holmes was praised by the british critics themselves, and that's not happening so often.....


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