Знаю о пении почти все! (moskalkov_opera) wrote,
Знаю о пении почти все!

Mr. Obama!

Drop your gun down! Don't touch Libya!

A lot of people around the world know this typical phrase of American cops thanks to Hollywood productions. A lot of people like cops from movies.

But more and more people do not like American ambition to become a real policemen for all the world!

Iraq. Afghanistan.

I want to use a typical Hollywood phrase again - what the hell are you doing there?!!! Are these countries neighbors of America?

Many people in Russia love America, yet, almost everybody hates American aggressive policy!

What do you need?! You have the best country from a geographical point of view!

America, study history and be really peaceful!

U.P.D  Спасибо Силли_Керубино за исправление ошибок.

Tags: Общество
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